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LINKS: Free Info, Paid Advisories, Brokers

    Free Info:

The HD Screen
One of our members, Harry Dettinger, shares this method for finding potential winners.

MSN Moneycentral

Market news, stock news, opinions, fairly broad fundamental research including including corporate reports, SEC filings, insider trading, etc.

Yahoo Finance
Broad as MSN in the info department, plus flexible charting!

The Nasdaq market site. The Guru Screener  and Guru Analyser are on this site, and tons more!
CBS's, I mean Dow Jones' great news/info site. It's NewsFinder is great for people curious about Event Trading!
News and analysis. Don't ask me why the link is spelled wrong.

The Online Investor
News, analysis and tutorials.

Be adventurous! Search the SEC database like those big money analysts!

Earnings forcasts, ratings, and recent history with a visual cross ref to price action for a wide range of stocks.

If  I missed anything, (and I'm certain I did) it's probably here!

Online investor glossary.
Dictionary, tutorials, articles, simulator, games and more.
Free charts, chart tutorials, paid content

VTO Report
Market trends, Traders' sentiments, QQQQ RSI, critical aggregate data. All in a tight visual representation.

Scottrade's free streaming quotes and charts. Options quotes, too!
How much news do you want? Too much here for me to review quickly. Check it out!

Options Industry Council
Tutorials and for-sale option info from this non-profit industry resource.
More tutorials and for-sale option info. Now part of OptionsXpress!

Technical Analysis
The book: Technical Analysis from A to Z online!  Part 2 includes a dissection of just about every indicator and oscillator!

Stock Selection and Risk Management
The gist of the recent AAII presentation from Schwab. Their tools for power traders are expensive for small (low 4 figures or less) players, but worth looking into for everyone else.

    Paid Advisories:

Gorilla Trades
Great take on the markets. They like IBD. They don't have a recommended account size, but a 4 figure account would probably be the minimum.


$500 to open. $7 market and limit orders. Only one limit order per position. Streaming data. Good tools and research. Free streaming quotes and charts with Scottrader- no account required!

No minimum to open. $15 orders. $15 or $1.50/ options contracts. Great tools. Streaming data. Complex multiple limit orders (OTO, OCO), contingency orders, options in IRAs...

Harris Direct
A favorite with members. 4 stars from Barron's. You should have at least 5 figures to open. There are also inactivity fees.

Another favorite. Great tools. Can't tell you more because their site doesn't play well with Netscape.


                  Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets       John J. Murphy
                    A classic. Big. Thick. Large print. Aerospace PhD not required

                  The Inteligent Investor                Benjamin Graham
                    Another classic by a professor and mentor of some guy named Buffett, and

                  The Interpretation of Financial Statements                Benjamin Graham with Spencer Meredith
                    Fundamental analysis over your head? Read this small
                     work. Expensive for it's size, cheap for it's value.

                  Reminiscences of a Stock Operator       Edwin Lefevre
                    The story of Jesse Livermore, one of the top traders of the early 20th century.
                    Still relevant today!

                  The Event-Trading Phenomenon            Peter McKenna
                    From TradeWins publishing. Specific events move the markets. Events happening
                    at specific times have  very predictable effect on the market as a whole and certain
                     indexes in particular. Options on these indexes yield impressive (34-119% or more)
                    one day returns when these events occur, and there are 20 to 30 events per year.

                  Swing Trading            Jon Markman

                  The Master Swing Trader        Alan S. Farley
                    Self-evident titles  that are highly recommended for short to mid term strategies.

                  Short Term Trading in the New Stock Market        Toni Turner
                    As implied, this title focuses on short term strategies, and covers the use of several technical indicators.

                  Rule #1        Phil Town
                    Using fundamental and technical analysis to select stocks for short to mid term strategies.

                  Payback Time        Phil Town
                    Minor variations of the Rule #1 technique  aimed at long term buy it cheap, hold it 10yrs strategy.